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Bonding with your New Horse

Finally the time has come, a new season in your life that has allowed you to fulfill a lifelong dream of owning your very own horse. Your new equine companion has been purchased and is settling in while you check off your list of everything a responsible new...

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Holding Areas, An Important Tool

Holding areas are an extremely important factor to consider in regards to equine management. Whether you’re looking to begin building or adding onto your own infrastructure or are possibly looking to buy a facility that’s already been built, consider holding areas as...

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Why a Rope Halter?

Halters are universal, the most widely used piece of equipment in any horse owners tack room. Halters are used for everything, from catching horses to leading and tying, and in some cases even riding. Therefore that makes this crucial piece of gear paramount in...

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A Bit About Bits and the truth behind them.

Bits, Bits and More Bits. If you have ever found yourself in the bit aisle of a tack store feeling completely overwhelmed you are most definitely not alone. The bit covered walls are towering. There are so many choices- bits of every shape and size it seems, silver...

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Conscientious Bridling

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is truly a wonderful analogy for good horsemanship. Dealing with horses in a conscientious and proactive manner will always produce the kind of horses people love to own and ride. Bridling is an area in...

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Teach Your Horse to Accept Deworming

A horse’s head and mouth are some of its most sensitive areas. It’s no wonder so many problems evolve with deworming horses. Much like horses that become hard to bridle, you’ll need to be smooth and conscientious in this area. Hopefully you’ll be proactive enough...

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