I became a horse enthusiast when I was very young, and things could have turned out quite differently for me if my first horse hadn’t been the ‘right’ horse. Fortunately for me, my first horse was the perfect partner for me. My relationship with him rewarded with many more positive experiences than negative ones.

Though the negative came, as it typically does, I was determined to overcome these less than perfect situations that arose between my horses and me. My desire for harmony with my horses led me on a journey, one I am still on today, to understand and work with the horse’s nature, as he was created, and not try to fight against his nature to suit my own agendas.

I remain an avid student of the horse. My journey has been one of self-discovery, lending to a wealth of knowledge and the opportunity to form a few very special relationships with other like-minded people along the way. My early passion for horses has become a way of life for me. In the words of one of the world’s finest horseman, the late Ray Hunt, “Working with horses is a way of life for me. He’s my livelihood, my hobby, my passion.” I grow to enjoy these experiences more every day, riding great horses and having the knowledge to make a nice horse even better.

I specialize in western riding with a particular interest in family/ranch geldings and Old California Bridle Horse tradition disciplines. My desire is to see others find that ‘right’ horse for them, one that meets their needs and fits their riding level. I want to help people find special horses that will help them succeed at their dreams, and I want to pass on the knowledge that has so generously been passed on to me. I have a strong desire to support the first-time horse owner so that their dreams of riding off into the sunset might actually become a reality, but I am here for anyone who’s searching for a nice horse!

Here’s to all of you horse enthusiasts out there and the great horses we’ve yet to meet. May we find each other!